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Tiberio Gracco

About me

Tiberio Gracco was born in 1978 in Torre del Greco, a small town at the foot of Vesuvius. He grows up and still lives in Pompeii, the ancient Roman city destroyed by the volcano.

He deals with fabrics, more precisely printing and various finishes for the clothing sector.
He began to love Japan from an early age, he was about 10 years old when he was given his first bonsai.

Bonsai, Japanese gardens, Koi, haiku, Suiseki, ceramics, these are some of his passions .

He has been making bonsai pots for about 20 years.
He has created a Japanese garden, where he grows his own bonsai, and a studio / laboratory for the creation of stoneware pots for bonsai.
He himself collects the clays and mixes them with others from all over Europe, thus obtaining various types of colors and patinas.
He uses the technique of Te-bineri (free hand), Tatara (clay plates) and that of the Wheel to make his vases.
He mainly produces unglazed vases but there is no shortage of enameled vases for kusamono and shitakusa in his productions. In this case, the glazes are obtained from ash which, properly processed and with the addition of oxides, gives the glazes the various shades of color.

Attention to Details

He cooks in electric and gas ovens, to obtain cooking in an oxidizing environment and cooking in reduction. The final temperature is between 1240 ° and 1270 ° and varies according to the type of clay or glaze used.

His ovens have dimensions such as to allow the cooking of pots of important dimensions, 70 cm and more, even if the average of his productions is around 40/50 cm.

Craftsman and creator

Tiberio Gracco

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